About Lamberts Bay

Welcome to the seafood hotspot of the West Coast! Lamberts Bay is known as the Diamond of the West Coast and the crayfish mecca of South Africa.

Snoek is also available during a snoek run which takes place a couple of times during the year. Boats from all over the West Coast flock to the town to catch this fish which has also become more popular. Lambert's Bay is also famous for its long stretches of uninterrupted white beaches and abundant marine life which gathers in the cool blue waters.

Take a relaxing daybreak and soak up the sun, surf the sparkling waves or enjoy a boat ride over the big blue bay.

This gem of a seaside village owes its origin to humble beginnings as a fishing village, like most of the surrounding South African coast villages, but is has become one of the major tourist attractions on the West Coast due to its moderate all year climate. The Sandveld Museum and nearby local farms like Wadrift, will open your mind to the cultural history of this unique place.

Lambert's Bay is also jam-packed with plentiful birdlife. Some of the more popular species on the list include gannets and Cormorants. Dolphins, whales and the ever entertaining seals at the internationally acclaimed Bird Island attract tourist from all over. Heavyside dolphins are frequently spotted from the beach. Lambert's Bay is also a great place to view the lush stretches of wild field flowers that are most beautiful during spring.



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027 432 1000 or lambertsinfo@mweb.co.za


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Clinic - 027 432 1155
Dr. Hayes - 027 432 1136
Pharmacy - 027 432 1133
Fire Department - 027 482 1775
Ambulance - 027 482 2576
Cederberg Medical Rescuers - 10177


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