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Here you can find accommodation, local restaurants and businesses, outdoor activities, information on our area - the Cederberg Mountains, the West Coast or the annual Wild Flower splendour of Namaqualand.

Enjoy the beauty and unique character of this part of the Western Cape.

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Herman Burger
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Steenbokfontein Sea Farm Accommodation consists of three lovely fully equipped self catering units situated on a unique West Coast farm only a few hundred meters from the sea.

Country Life magazine (January 2013) named Steenbokfontein as one of the Seven Wonders of the West Coast.

The visitor can experience the following when visiting the farm and sleeping over:

Quiet and peaceful atmosphere with the sound of the waves breaking in the background.

Coor air from the sea and moderate temperatures during summer and winter with lots of sunshine.

Wild animals like steenbokkies, rabbits and colourful birdlife such as peacocks, heath-cocks, crowned guinea-fowls, falcons and hadedas which welcome visitors in the morning and the evening.

Historical caves where the University of Cape Town did research on earlier inhabitants and animal life.

Visit Simon's Rock where Simon van der Stel spent the night at that time.

The sinking of the HMS Sybille near the beach at Steenbokfontein more than 100 years ago and the related family love story.

Bicylce and hiking routes on the entire farm for the old and young.

A labyrinth with a beautiful view over the rocky hills, dassies, farm and sea.

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2017-10-28 • ATKV Semi-Finale Rieldans

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Contact us for more information:

Cara or Sheene on 027 432 1000 or


Police - 027 432 8260

Clinic - 027 432 1155
Dr. Hayes - 027 432 1136
Pharmacy - 027 432 1133
Fire Department - 027 482 1775
Ambulance - 027 482 2576
Cederberg Medical Rescuers - 10177

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